What advantages will I gain if I use Bogart Racing Wheels?
One of the best ways to gain performance is by removing weight. While removing static weight will help, there is truly no comparison to removing rotating, or un-sprung, weight. While every application is different, we have seen improvements by as much as 2 tenths in 5.0 liter Mustangs, and almost a full second in normally aspirated Hondas by switching to Bogart Racing Wheels.

Why are Bogart Racing Wheels not intended for street use?
Because we manufacture Bogart Racing Wheels for a specific application (racing), we remove as much mass (weight) as possible, while maintaining enough structural integrity to be sure that Bogart Racing Wheels will survive through their intended purpose.

How do I measure backspace?
Please click here for a backspace diagram to show you how to measure backspace.

How do I measure wheel width?
Please click here for a wheel width diagram to show you how to measure wheel width.

Can Bogart Racing Wheels build a wheel that will fit my car?
Bogart Racing Wheels manufactures wheels in sizes ranging from 13″ to 17″ in diameter and from 2″ to 20″+ wide. We will need the size, bolt pattern & back spacing that you will need. If you have a specific wheel question, please call at 602-353-6648

Will Bogart Racing Wheels clear my brakes?
Bogart Racing Wheels have been able to fit most applications. However, we still want to be sure we can fit your needs before we build your wheels. Please click here to see a diagram with the measurements we will need.
 Can Bogart Racing Wheels repair my wheels if they get damaged?
Bogart Racing Wheels can often repair wheels that are damaged. We also have replacement parts for many after-market wheels. However, we will need to see any wheels that are in question. Please do not call to ask about repairing wheels. Instead, ship your wheels to:

Bogart Racing Wheels